Re: Detection of clear air turbulence

From:         "Peter Mchugh" <>
Date:         16 Jul 96 13:59:53 
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>> Clear air turbulence injuries are the fault of airlines,
>>100%.(US airlines). CAT can be detected easily by
>> radar. BUT the airlines have, in the US, lobbied
>> strongly against being required to get such radar.
>> This makes it their fault. IF they had the radar,
>> they could give good enough warning time

     While the airlines could sometimes do more to avoid CAT and resulting
     injuries, the single greatest safety improvement would be modification
     of passenger complacency...

     About 60% of non-fatal "accidents" (loss of life, or serious injury
     [defined as fracture of major bones or worse] in US FAR Part 121
     operations (air carrier) are the result of turbulence encounters.  In
     nearly 98% of these passengers who were injured were not wearing their
     seat belts...and for 80% of these, the seat belt signs were
     illuminated.  There are only two reported US air carrier injury
     accidents to passengers who were wearing belts...and in one case the
     belt failed, the other was worn too loosely.

     Hard to blame the air carriers for the failure of passengers to comply
     with the FARs....