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>Can anyone help me identify a Nationair DC-8 I have a photograph of in
>1990. It has fleet number 807, I believe (the 7 is partially covered).
>Can anyone relate this to a reg no. or c/n.

Nationair Canada, actually.  Just plain Nationair is in New Guinea and
only operates some little planes.

Anyway, 807 was a DC-8-63, registration C-GQBF, msn 46116, ln 518.  It
was built in 1970 and delivered to Iberia in December of that year.
Ten years later it went to Aviaco.  In 1983, International Air Leases
bought it and leased it to Arrow Air and then Quebecair before selling
it to Nationair in 1986.  It's been flying with Airborne Express since
they bought it at the start of 1992, wearing registration N821AX.

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