Re: Old NW DC-9's

From: (Mike Neus)
Organization: Texas Instruments
Date:         16 Jul 96 13:51:48 
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In article <airliners.1996.1205@ohare.Chicago.COM>, says...
>Jeff Givens wrote:
>> I was on a flight recently and someone was joking about the age of the
>> aircraft (a -10 to boot) and asked the F/A if she could find out for them.
>> The F/A was standing right at the cockpit and could easily see the plate
>> but responded that she has no way of knowing.

I would suspect the F/A probably didn't know about the plate.  There primary
concern is getting you from point A to B safely, not determining the age of
the plane.

>Well, it's a good PR move.....
>This drum is beat constanly, but:  AGE doesn't matter,
>if it is a REAL airline (like NW)....the oldest planes
>in the country, if run by a major, are CREAMPUFFS...they
>are completely rebuilt every few years.  Look at any
>AMR 727....they all look like they just rolled out of the

Shoot, you should see the NW DC-9-30's.  Many are in the process of a major
refiting and if you happen to get one (I think) they are nicer than any plane
on any airline I've ever been on.  Granted the DC-9s are approaching 30 years
of age, but it should be noted NW has not had a single accident with these
planes.  In fact, the last fatal NW accident I am aware of was ~1984 in
Detroit on a MD-82 which at the time was a brand new plane (and was caused by
pilot error).  If I'm not mistaken NW has one of the best safety records of
all the majors, and the DC-9 of varying flavors composes the largest
percentage of NW's fleet.  Quite a feat if you ask me.

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