Re: Old NW DC-9's

From: (Bill Candee)
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Date:         16 Jul 96 13:51:48 
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  or MIME structure (Steve James) wrote:

> Established majors can keep 9's flying over
>25 years, while cut-rate wanna be's may require scrutiny regardless of
>production line numbers.  An example is "ValueJet", a misonomer, in that it
>acquired precisely those jets that the established majors wanted to get RID
>of  <snip>

	Er...I thought that Valujet was having difficulty finding DC9-30s
precisely because Northwest (presumably an "established major" in
anyone's book) had gobbled them up and was looking for more, just as
Northwest was supposed to have been competing with VJ for those THY
DC9s that everybody's bitching about.

	Also, given that this is "sci" aeronautics.airliners, I would point
out that an actual factual analysis by the Washington Post, rather
than presumptive comments by the poster, demonstrated that VJ paid
about the same for maintenance on its DC-9s as did other carriers
flying them.  So much for "cut rate contracts".

		---Bill Candee in NYC