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Date:         16 Jul 96 13:51:47 
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> >Back to the JT8D, it's also on first generation 737s (-100 and -200)
> >and the rare Dassault Mercure.  I think some Caravelles had them
> >instead of RR Avons, but my references don't support that.  Maybe it
> >was just a test.
> At one time, I read that the JT8D was the most widely used single type of
> turbofan in the world. Given that at that time, the 727 was the most widely
> produced single airliner, (and it uses 3 of them), and the 737 -100 and -200 as
> well as all DC-9's up until the MD 90 used them, I could EASILY believe it to
> be true. And yes, some Caravelles used them, and A6 Intruders use a derivative
> of the JT8D. It has been, and continues to be, one of the most reliable
> workhorses around.

The Caravelle Super 12's recently retired by Air Inter were 8D
powered.  The A-6 Intruder was powered by the J52, (commercial
designation JT8) which is an *ancestor* of the JT8D, not a

  The original JT8D was substantially a J52 with a fan added.  The J52 was
originally an engine for the Hound dog stand off missile used on B52s
in the 60's.

> >>In other words, the media's statement about the JT8D's role on a
> >>variety of aircraft is fact, and the "discovery" about Valuejet's DC-9
> >>engines is nothing that should surprise or worry anyone.
> I heartily disagree! Yes, it is a fact that its the same engine (although a
> very different derivative) as used on DC-9's. HOWEVER! the fact that the media
> reported it AT ALL implies to many people that there is a causal connection.
> This is NOT true, and it is deceptive, irresponsible, and unprofessional of the
> media to raise such a red herring.

This is certainly true, and a lamentably frequent occurence.

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