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From:         David Lednicer <>
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Date:         16 Jul 96 13:51:47 
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> The *side* engines on a 727?  What do you think is in the middle?!
> There were some Stage III 727 proposals that involved replacing the
> #1 and #3 engines (with RR Tays, I think) while leaving the JT8D in
> the #2 position so as to avoid the significant expense of modifying
> the S-duct or its intake, but to my knowledge it's not been done.

	The Valsan 727 reengining program put JT8D-209s on the outboard
pylons, but retained the earlier model JT8D in the #2 hole, but with no
thrust reverser.  Approximately 25 aircraft were reengined.

> Back to the JT8D, it's also on first generation 737s (-100 and -200)
> and the rare Dassault Mercure.  I think some Caravelles had them
> instead of RR Avons, but my references don't support that.  Maybe it
> was just a test.

	Yes, late model Caravelles (10B, 10R, 11R and 12) all had JT8Ds.
Approximately 60 of these models were built.  Also, the Kawasaki C-1A
military airlifter is powered by JT8Ds.

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