Re: Good book on Jet Engines

From:         Jim Smith <>
Date:         16 Jul 96 13:51:47 
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Al Secen wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good instructional book (not too detailed)
> that covers the various types of jet engines?  Something that
> discusses axial flow, bypass, ramjet, et al.?

When I went to school I found a series of
soft-cover books by Aviation
Technicician Training Course quick handy. (Aviation
Maintenance Publishishers Inc./ P.O. Box 890 /
Basin WY / 82410)

They have one called "Aircraft Gas Turbine
Powerplants"  and can be ordered by phoning
1-800-443-9250  order number # EA-TEP-1 -the cost
of mine was $ 6.95 USD. (back in 1984).

Good luck

James S. Smith
Marketing & Sales Manager
Air Canada Enterprise Systems