Re: French 747 mishaps

From:         turbulence1 <>
Organization: C.R.I.U.P., Universite de Poitiers (FRANCE)
Date:         14 Jul 96 22:43:29 
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What i know about AF747 mishaps in GIG is that it has something to do with the
reverse. While the 747 touched down, the pilot put the reverses. But before
apply power, the flight engineer has to confirm that the four reverse are
locked. Up the N1 dial, for each engine, there is 2 light indicating the status
of the reverse : "transit" and "locked". While the 4 light indicated that the 4
reverse were locked, the flight engineer announce " four reverse available ".
In fact one of the ligth was giving the wrong information : one of the outside
engine was not in reverse position. When the pilot applied the power , the
aircraft slipped on the runway, he, then, collapsed on his landing gear.It is
said that the four engine were blowed off the wing.
I think that nobody was seriously injured.