Detection of clear air turbulence

From: (Craig Welch)
Organization: Pacific Internet, Singapore
Date:         14 Jul 96 22:43:27 
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In, in a thread called "Turbulence injuries Qantas to
Tokyo", the subject of litigation came up. I opined that there was no
liability of the carrier, that it simply wasn't their fault.

I recieved the following by email:

> Clear air turbulence injuries are the fault of airlines,
>100%.(US airlines). CAT can be detected easily by
> radar. BUT the airlines have, in the US, lobbied
> strongly against being required to get such radar.
> This makes it their fault. IF they had the radar,
> they could give good enough warning time

Of course I can't mention the sender's name, but what he says is not
my impression.

Can others help clarify this? Are there advances in CAT