Re: aircraft engine names

From: (C. Marin Faure)
Organization: Northwest Nexus Inc.
Date:         14 Jul 96 22:43:26 
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> Rolls Royce name(d) their jet engines after rivers ie, Conway (VC10,707),
> Spey (1-11, Phantom) etc. Personnally I think Trent is quite a classy name
> for their most powerful engine. Don't ask me where the river actually is :)

For what it's worth, the Trent runs from about the middle of England
southeast for a little ways toward London and then turns northeast and
runs to the east coast.  Its valley carries part of the Trent and Mersey
Canal, one of England's first and most important transportation routes.

C. Marin Faure
   author, Flying a Floatplane