777 drogue chute on tail

From:         iandhhs@cadvision.com
Date:         06 Feb 96 14:15:36 
Organization: CADVision
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In viewing a recent re-run of '21st Century Jet' which highlighted
the 777 I noted that during ground trials and the initial flight
the following. At the top of the fin there was what appeared to be
a small parachute drogue on a line some 10 to 20 metrs in length.
Difficult to determine the exact size as scale on the 777 is hard
to establish.

Any one else noticed and, more to the point, what was the purpose
of such a device.

Also, seems the dihedral, at least when in flight, is significant.
I have a print of a side on shot and both wingtips are in view
above the fuselage.


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