Re: Old NW DC-9's

From: (Steve James)
Organization: Pipeline
Date:         14 Jul 96 22:43:24 
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>> Anybody notice about one year ago NE removed all the data plates on their
>> DC-9's from the main doorway? Now they are in the flight deck, above the
>> jump seat.
>> I was on a flight recently and someone was joking about the age of the
>> aircraft (a -10 to boot) and asked the F/A if she could find out for them.
>> The F/A was standing right at the cockpit and could easily see the plate
>> but responded that she has no way of knowing.

The FAs are not trained for specific cockpit procedures for every aircraft
type.  They are trained to open the aircraft specific doors, perform safety
functions associated with that, and only then to give cabin service.  To
ask them what specific year that aircraft was rolled off the production
line is absolutely asinine.  These FA's may work a DC-10, a -9, 727, and
then a 747 within the same duty period.  To ask them the production rolloff
time of each aircraft they may shuffle between is not a practible question.

Any diesel 9 is going to be between 15-20 years, give or take 5.  The exact
year really does not mean squat, does it?  More importantly is the overally
airlines maintenance record.  Established majors can keep 9's flying over
25 years, while cut-rate wanna be's may require scrutiny regardless of
production line numbers.  An example is "ValueJet", a misonomer, in that it
acquired precisely those jets that the established majors wanted to get RID
of because of high maintenance costs, then decided to fly just such jets
using cut-rate maintenance contracts.  Once again, you get what you pay

Steve James