Re: Carry-ons

From: (Jim Tilbey)
Date:         25 Jan 96 00:55:06 
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In message <airliners.1996.23@ohare.Chicago.COM> (A. E. Siegman) writes:

> [Cross-posting to sci.aeronautics.airliners because I believe
> this one message has some relevance to airliner design.]

>      If this were not the case, airlines could install some
> kind of large luggage bins or lockers just inside the doorways
> and allow passengers to just jump their bulkier carryons into
> them as they entered the plane.  Sure, there would be problems,
> such as slowing down the deplaning process, and bags on the
> bottom getting squished; but many of us would use such a
> system in preference to underseat storage if it were available.

To a limited extent these are already available, I know from regular
travel on British Airways that if you are carrying a bulky item that
will not fit in the overhead bin the cabin crew subject to space and
size will put it in a locker, however occassionally they will suggest
putting it in the hold.
IMHO this is where the problem lies, passengers don't want to put
their valuables in the hold and who blames them when there is no
guarentee that you will ever see them again. In the past 4 months I
know of two people who have had their hold luggage broken into and
everyday items stolen such as worn in shoes, towels etc and this in
parts of the world where such things would not be considered as
luxuries, this makes me think twice about putting my camera etc in the hold.

Maybe if airlines excepted more than limited liability when items
went missing passengers would be more inclined to put more of their
possessions in the hold.

Jim Tilbey
Kirkwall, Orkney, UK