Ryan M-2 (A very old mail and passenger plane)

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Date:         14 Jul 96 22:43:23 
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Can anyone out there tell me something about a Ryan M-2 believed to be the
3rd model built?  Russell Koetke, a retired USAF CMS whom I met At
Seattle's Museum of Flight recently told me of this airplane.  He had run
across it in an old barn at Sidney Montana in spring 1959.  Reportedly it
had been stored there since 1941-42  with the wings sawn off at the
fuselage.  Care had been taken in storage, wings were hung leading edge
down and it appeared to be restorable.  Minot AF officials in 1960 met
with a local pharmacist who was a part owner of the aircraft and got
agreement to attempt restoration.  After restoration the a/c was moved
outside the VA hospital at Minot  N. Dakota in a glass enclosure.
Reportedly it has been taken out of this display, started up and taxied at
some local fair times.  Is this a/c stil at Minot and still operable?
Does anyone have photos?  We thought our M-2 here at the Museum was a sole

Frank Leathley  (Frank247D@aol.com)