Re: Good book on Jet Engines

From: (John M. Hunt)
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Date:         14 Jul 96 22:43:23 
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  or MIME structure (Al Secen) wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a good instructional book (not too detailed)
>that covers the various types of jet engines?  Something that
>discusses axial flow, bypass, ramjet, et al.?

A book which seems to meet your requirements is:

	Jet and Turbine Aero Engines by Bill Gunston
	Publisher is Patrick Stephens Limited
	ISBN  1-85260-463-8

I bought this book in England but presume it is available here.  It
was 18 pounds in the UK (about $28).  It is dated 1995 and contains
some information about new engines such as the GE90.  If it is an
update of an earlier edition (probably is) it certainly shows little
signs of not being totally current in 1995.