Re: Good book on Jet Engines

From:         Daan Vlaskamp <>
Date:         12 Jul 96 11:49:51 
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At 12:49 10-07-96, you wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a good instructional book (not too detailed)
>that covers the various types of jet engines?  Something that
>discusses axial flow, bypass, ramjet, et al.?

I can very much recommend the book "The Jet Engine" by Rolls Royce. The book
is quite easy to read, and covers all topics in detail. The last couple of
chapters are full of formulas etc., so that might be a little more
difficult. I used it as background reading for my ATPL study and found
especially the very nice graphics useful. It costs 25 British pounds, which
is around $40. (good value for money). Only drawback: emphasis on Rolls
Royce engines.

I don't know if it's available anywhere in the US (I'm from The Netherlands,
my dad brought it from England). You might be able to contact the Public
Relations Department of Rolls-Royce in Derby England (sorry, I haven't got
the address).


Daan Vlaskamp
The Netherlands.