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From:         Michael Bain <>
Date:         10 Jul 96 12:47:13 
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>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Steele <> writes:

Jerry> While I was in an Airbus 340 from Munich to Chicago, just off
Jerry> Newfoundland at 39000 ft we encountered some chop. In my over
Jerry> 25 years of being a passenger this certainly was far from
Jerry> severe. Nonetheless, the crt monitor at the front of the
Jerry> business class section where they display flight data, as well
Jerry> as every seat video display, and the cabin lights flickered
Jerry> violently on and off several times as the turbulence rocked the
Jerry> aircraft.

Jerry> Nonetheless, this was unnerving and left me with a poor
Jerry> impression of the A340. Especially since on my way over I had
Jerry> an impeccable, and incredibly enjoyable flight on a 777. Which

I've been on A320 flights and criticized the quality of the airplane
based on the cabin interior.

But that isn't fair.  I didn't realize it at the time.

The cabin interior and entertainment systems are purchased by the
airline separately.  Entertainment systems can be installed after
delivery, and often are.

Unfortunately the passenger's opinion on an airplane is based on their
experience in the cabin, over which an airframe manufacturer has
little control.

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