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>>my somewhat cynical view of the press was unfulfilled until earlyxs
>>this morning, when CNN noted that the JT8D is the engine type used
>>on ValuJet's fleet.

>I believe the P&W JT8D, of varying configurations, is used almost exclusively
>on all DC-9 aircraft (including the MD-XX series), and the side engines of

The *side* engines on a 727?  What do you think is in the middle?!
There were some Stage III 727 proposals that involved replacing the
#1 and #3 engines (with RR Tays, I think) while leaving the JT8D in
the #2 position so as to avoid the significant expense of modifying
the S-duct or its intake, but to my knowledge it's not been done.
(The Dee Howard 727 conversions for UPS and perhaps others involve
replacing all three engines; the modified #2 intake is quite

I'd be very surprised to see any airline willing to operate a type
with two different engines on the same airframe.  The maintenance
folks would be incredibly irritated by such a monster!

Back to the JT8D, it's also on first generation 737s (-100 and -200)
and the rare Dassault Mercure.  I think some Caravelles had them
instead of RR Avons, but my references don't support that.  Maybe it
was just a test.

>In other words, the media's statement about the JT8D's role on a
>variety of aircraft is fact, and the "discovery" about Valuejet's DC-9
>engines is nothing that should surprise or worry anyone.

But the media not jumping on it, despite the fact that it is of
utterly no significance, would have been surprising, which was my

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