Re: Virgin 747 birdstrike

From:         Pete Finlay <>
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Date:         25 Jan 96 00:55:05 
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In article: <airliners.1995.2053@ohare.Chicago.COM>
(Lars Blomberg, Alfven Laboratory, Stockholm) writes:
> >I recall an incident several years ago with a Continental 747
> >departing LGW at maximum takeoff weight, with a maximum crosswind
> >component. They lost an engine during the takeoff run. The aircraft
> >lifted off the runway, and was over-rotated by the flying pilot. [...]
> >
> >The F/E started dumping fuel immediately, and they were able to begin
> >a slow climb and return to the airport.
> What is the maximum rate at which fuel can be dumped? I assume it must
> be quite high if it is to make a difference during a take-off with a
> lost engine.

With all 6 Override/Jettison Pumps operating, max dump rate is 2,600
kgs/minute.  There are 2 Jettison/Override pumps in the Centre tank, and
2 Jettison pumps in each of the No 2 & 3 tanks.

Having said that, the most I've dumped is just over 40 tonnes, and it took
a lot longer than the 16 minutes Mr. Boeing said it would :(

Pete Finlay . . . .somewhere in England

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