Re: Delta Flt 1288

From: (Brian A. Reynolds)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins
Date:         10 Jul 96 12:47:12 
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> (Chilukuri) wrote:
>I believe that the JT8D engine has kevlar blade containment on the fan case,
>>but not in the inlet. Does anyone know whether the fuselage is locally
>beefed up to absorb the energy of a blade impact?

I'm not in propulsion so this is conjecture not necessarly fact.  The
engine shroud is tested for a single blade failure, not catastrophic
failure of the entire section.  The fuselage of the -909 aircraft used
for demonstration trials of the propfan was reenforced as the prop
was not conatined/ducted.  I don't think that the fuselage is reinforced
for 'normal' engines.  If it were, the windows would have to be plugged
(in the same manner as a turbo-prop).

>PS: What in the world is that large elliptical structure that is laying on
>the ground, just ahead of the fire truck?

It is the tail cone.  The tail cone is dropped automatically when the
rear door is opened when 'armed.'  The tail cone is on a bungee cord
connected to the emergancy evacuation slide.  The bungee pulls the slide
release, comes under tension from the fall, then pulls back on the cone.
Due to the geometry of the bungee cord to tail cone, the cone is pulled
off to one side, clear of the slide.

My opinions only, of course.