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From: (Dave Cornejo)
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Date:         10 Jul 96 12:47:11 
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                     FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
          moderated group misc.transport.air-industry.cargo

Newsgroups line:
misc.transport.air-industry.cargo	Questions/comments regarding air cargo. (Moderated)

Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 30 Jul 1996.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about this proposal should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Michal Douglas <>
Proponent: Martin Brennan <>
Votetaker: Dave Cornejo <>

RATIONALE: misc.transport.air-industry.cargo

The air industry is well supported in the areas of recreational flight
by several very good newsgroups. The commercial air industry is
likewise well supported in the area of general passenger airline
information. All that is missing is the existence of a newsgroup
dedicated to the air cargo and freight forwarding industry. Currently,
air cargo makes up more than 35% of the total value of all goods
shipped anywhere in the world and employs thousands. Questions and
comments realated to the operations of domestic and international air
carriers would be discussed as well as addressing the interests of
small package air freight companies. The air related interests of the
freight forwarding community would also be discussed as there is no
existing source for exchange of this information.

CHARTER: misc.transport.air-industry.cargo

Discussion will be allowed on a variety of subjects deemed either too
specific in nature or inappropriate by the charters of the existing
newsgroups.  Individuals and companies will be allowed to request and
trade information and comments on the status of the air cargo
industry.  Exportation questions would be addressed for the beginner
as well as specific inquires by shippers.  (i.e. "Who supplies ground
handling in Merida, Mexico?" or "How do I clear customs in
Austrailia?")  Shared experiences of both the air cargo and forwarding
community would provide immensely helpful information to each other in
regard to the do's and don'ts of dealing with unfamiliar airports,
cultures, regulations, companies, procedures, and governments.
Discussions of a political/violent/inflammatory/abusive nature will
not be allowed.  Any blatant advertisements, illegal rate discussions,
or overblown press releases will likewise be excluded by the
moderators.  This is not a group in which general aviation or
passenger flights may be discussed - there are other groups for those
categories.  This group is purely intended for those who own, import,
export, operate in, or are interested in the business of air cargo and
domestic/international air shipping procedures.  The group will be
moderated by experts in the field of air cargo and freight forwarding.
They will insure the validity of posts and eliminate repetitive,
redundant, illegal, and obviously inappropriate posts.  All
nationalities of airlines will be allowed.  The language of the group
will be English.


MODERATOR INFO: misc.transport.air-industry.cargo

Moderator: Jim Powell <>
Moderator: Martin Brennan <>
Moderator: Michal Douglas <>
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one within several days, try again. It's your responsibility to
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If you later change your mind you may vote again from the same
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Standard Guidelines for voting apply.  One person, one vote.
Votes must be mailed directly from the voter to the votetaker.
Anonymous, forwarded or proxy votes are not valid; this includes
votes generated by WWW/HTML/CGI forms.

Vote counting is automated.  Failure to follow these directions will
mean that your vote does not get counted.  Duplicate votes are
resolved in favor of the most recent valid vote.  Addresses and votes
of all voters will be published in the final voting results post.

The purpose of a Usenet vote is to determine the genuine interest of
persons who would read a proposed newsgroup.  Soliciting votes from
disinterested parties defeats this purpose.  Please do not
redistribute this CFV.  If you must, direct people to the official CFV
as posted to news.announce.newgroups.  Distributing pre-marked or
otherwise edited copies of this CFV will result in those votes being
cancelled.  When in doubt, ask the votetaker.

Common errors include quoting the entire article and sending your vote
to the vote-takers personal address.  Either of these two could result
in your vote not being counted.


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