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From: (Pete Coe)
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Date:         09 Jul 96 13:09:48 
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  or MIME structure (H Andrew Chuang) writes:

>Few months ago, Airbus threatened to sue Boeing for falsely claiming the
>A340 could only cruise at around 0.78 Mach.  A few days ago, I browsed
>through the schedules of three airlines (Lufthansa [LH], Cathay Pacific
>[CX] and Singapore [SQ]).  I'm not really trying to make a point here.
>It's just some trivial information.  Here's the comparison:


I thought the 747 was historically the fastest of the current airliners
anyway.  More recent design practice has decided that it's cruising
speed is a little to high, so one would expect the A340 to be slower.

As a data point, looking at the BA timetable for JFK-LHR, the times vary
vary from 6:40 (747-Classic) to 7:10 (767), and a direct comparison
of the same flight number which switches between 767 and DC-10 mid season
shows (for JFK-LGW), 7:00 DC-10 and 7:15 for the 767.  So within the
Boeing family, planes have got slower with the newer designs.

On a personal note, I can remember flying LHR-LAX in the 70's in a DC-10,
and watching in the next flight level a Lufthansa 747 ever so slowly
overtaking us.