Re: getting hit by lightning

From:         Jon Ward <>
Organization: The End at Infinity
Date:         09 Jul 96 13:09:47 
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  "A. Funda Ergun" writes:
> (I presume the plane could take some throwing around but the electrical
> system might die.)

I can't say anything about mechanical and hydraulic systems. However, the
electronic units that the company I work for makes have large amounts of
lightning protection. Lightning strike tests are one of the standard tests
for qualification. I have seen transorbs take up a 1/3 of a card before

To be honest, the things we do to our units amaze me. Salt spray, full
functionality between -40 and +70 oC, vibration profiles over 7G acceleration,
EMC testing (some units have input levels of less than 10mV). We throw
ridculous enviromental extremes at the damn things and _still_ they work.

Aerospace is an unforgiving enviroment.

> It was an interesting experience in how slowly time passes during distress :-)

Yes. The prospect of imminant death does strange things to one's mental

I presume (for the purposes of lighting strike) that one can treat the body
of the plane as a Faraday cage.

Jon Ward
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