Re: getting hit by lightning

From: (John M. Vogel)
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Date:         09 Jul 96 13:09:47 
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A. Funda Ergun ( wrote:
: Last month, on my way from Boston to Philadelphia in a really bad
: storm, during mid-flight, we saw a sudden flash of light, and felt
: a major jolt. The plane, after tilting severely and bouncing up and down

: no idea about how dangerous or commonplace this was. I know planes are
: designed to handle lightning (otherwise how would you expect to put a
: large chunk of metal inside storm clouds safely?), but how OK is it exactly
: to be hit? (in our case even the lights didn't go off)
: Is it a pretty common thing to happen? Has anybody crashed because of it?

Most of the time nothing bad happens.  However, Illinois governor Jim
Edgar's plane was struck a couple of months ago and an interior fire
resulted.  The fire was extinguished and no one was hurt.

Lightning leaves little more than a scorch on metal airframes.  It can punch
holes in composites, however.