Re: Old NW DC-9's

From: (Richard Shevell)
Organization: Stanford University, Dept. of Aero/Astro
Date:         09 Jul 96 13:09:46 
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In article <airliners.1996.1173@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Jeff Givens) wrote:

> I was on a flight recently and someone was joking about the age of the
> aircraft (a -10 to boot) and asked the F/A if she could find out for them.
> The F/A was standing right at the cockpit and could easily see the plate
> but responded that she has no way of knowing.
It is easy to guess the age of a DC-9-10.  The first airplane went into
airline service in December of 1965 and the last in November of 1968.  The
age possibilities are from 27.5 to 30.5.  Al least they are well flight

After November of 1968, the production was all DC-9-30 or later, except for
a few DC-9-30's whose last delivery was in 1969.
Richard Shevell