Re: SAA 747 SP encounters CAT

From:         rna@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
Organization: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
Date:         25 Jan 96 00:55:04 
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In article <airliners.1996.93@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>Good day.
>Friday 19 January 1996, a South Africa Airways 747 SP encountered severe
>air turbulance on a flight from Johannesburg to Juddeah. The aircraft
>just crossed over the Zaire border at cruise altitude when it was
>lifted 400 feet followed by a drop of 800 feet. Airspeed increased from
>.85 to .89 during the drop. The autopilot dis-engaged and the crew
>managed to maintain control of the aircraft.
>All 3 INS units were u/s for a period of 5 minutes, as well as
>1 generator which dropped offline.
>The aircraft turned back to Johannesburg and landed safely 2 hours
>There was no structural airframe damage but various interior
>panels, interior windows and other cabin equipment was damaged.
>100 Passengers were injured, 24 required hospitalization.
>I'd say tha tthis was a really rough one, comments ???

I'd say the most interesting thing is that SAA turned back to J'burg.
An indication that for many purposes there might as well be ocean between
S.Africa and Europe.

I'm confused, however.  You say the flight was going from S. Africa and
"Juddeah".  What's that?  Israel?  Does the great circle route to
from Joburg to Israel take you over Zaire?  (I realize it's a large
country, but it's also on the west side of Africa, whereas Israel's to
the east).