Re: Status of Maine 1649 Connies?

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Organization: CyberGate, Inc.
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:16:00 
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The 1649 may not have been a financial success for Lockheed, nor for that
matter for TWA, Air France or Lufthansa (the original buyers).  The main
reason for their dumping them as quickly as they did was mainly prestiege,
not economics.  The Starliner suffered the fate of coming out at the same
time as the 707 was all the rage.  The big airlines didn't want their
premier routes being flown by Starliners when the "other guys" had 707s,
so they got rid of them.

I agree that the program was not a smashing success, but the other users
of the 1649 found good use for them, and probably made money with them
into the late 1960s.  It's hard to justify flying an airplane that loses
money for you.