Re: Oscillation during flight

From: (Henry Clark)
Organization: BBN Planet Corporation, Cambridge, MA
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:15:57 
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In article <airliners.1996.1110@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Kim Hackett) writes:
>It is always amazing that the flight crew is visible and available following
>a smooth flight with a good landing.  When the flight was bumpy or the
>landing was not the best, they are always in the cockpit with the door
>closed on deplaning.

I would have automatically nodded to this, but have had three recent
experiences to counter.

On two Delta flights last Saturday (6/22), the captain was standing at
the cockpit door greeting deplaning passengers.  One of the flights
(from BOS to JFK on a 757) encountered some pretty fair bumps, and
some decent up/down drafts.  You know its gonna get exciting when the
captain comes on asking everyone to sit down and tighten the seat
belts :-).  The other (from JFK to YUL) was pretty smooth, but we'd sat
on the taxiway at JFK for 1.25 hours because of weather delays.  On the
return flight Friday from YUL to JFK, again we got delayed on the ground
at JFK coming into the gate, and the captain was once again at the door.

just another random data point,