Re: Oscillation during flig

From:         "Bill Hensley" <>
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:15:56 
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>I have a question.  Was the oscillation in the longitudinal axis.  That
>is, was the plane yawing left and right?

>My first impression was that the crew could have been "playing" with the
>yaw dampener, or had a failure with it.  However, 20 degrees of yaw is
>quite extreme.

Mike, I should have been more clear on this, but the entire oscillation was
pitch; i.e. the nose went up while the tail went down (and then the reverse
occured).  There was no yaw that I could feel, and no roll at all.  The last
couple cycles were enough to make me lift up and out of my seat a bit, and
make my seat belt come in handy.

Cripes, I would hope that a flight crew would experiment in the simulator,