Re: aircraft engine names

From: (David R. Hendrickson)
Organization: Seattle - It's not Hell, but you can see it from here!
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:09:04 
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In article <airliners.1996.1094@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Steve Lacker
<> wrote:

> On a less-than-serious note....
> The British are the undisputed champions at naming engines, I think that we
> Americans gave up the practice after the 'Liberty' engines. But even the
> British are falling short today- 'Trent', 'Tay', and 'Spey' don't do much to
> stir the imagination.

hey, i like "Spey"!  even if it is a leaky s.o.b. :)


     David R. Hendrickson

     Cogito Ergo Zoom - I think, therefore I drive