Re: aircraft engine names

From: (Richard Weatherill)
Organization: DRA Malvern, England
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:09:03 
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Steve Lacker <> wrote:

>On a less-than-serious note....

>Where have all the engine names gone? :-) 'Proteus' is probably my all time
>favorite, but 'Dart', 'Olympus', 'Merlin', 'Eland' (a Napier turboprop), and
>'Griffon' are all in the running. 'Nene' is right out, though :-)

>The British are the undisputed champions at naming engines, I think that we
>Americans gave up the practice after the 'Liberty' engines. But even the
>British are falling short today- 'Trent', 'Tay', and 'Spey' don't do much to
>stir the imagination.

There are only so may rivers in the UK, so the names are bound to get
a bit boring after a while - 'Dart', 'Nene' and 'Trent' are all
English rivers; 'Tay' and 'Spey' Scottish ones. 'Tyne' and 'Avon' are
two others that spring to mind (so to speak!).

'Spey' certainly stirs my imagination - but then I'm rather partial to
single malt Whisky.