interesting landing - runway switch at 800ft

Organization: Staffs University, UK
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:09:03 
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I recently landed at Frankfurt in an A320, and had been
allowed to sit in the cocpit.   There are two parallel
runways, and we were cleared to land on the left one.
At about 800 ft, the pilot banked to the right,
and lined up with the right hand runway.  A good
landing followed.

After landing I asked about the late switch, and they said that
the right hand runway is closer to the terminal, and you don't
have to wait to cross the other runway.  I had had headphones
on but had missed the conversation - evidently atc had 'offered' the
change at '800 ft' and it was 'fun to change, and we'd get to the
gate faster'.  It WAS fun to watch, and I don't even know if
passengers in the back noticed.  I'm sure that _I_ would have
been worried about a large bank whilst descending towards the
ground if I'd been in the back!  Maybe I'd just have thought there
was a bad crosswind?

Do you think that '800 ft' to quote the pilot is a reasonable height to
switch runways at?