A vortice (was Re: Smoke Trail)

From:         Michael Page <map@hal.maths.monash.edu.au>
Organization: Department of Mathematics, Monash University
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:09:03 
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Rick Hughes (Rick Hughes) wrote:
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> You've almost certainly seen a vortice coming off the engine cowling
> at rotation.  The core of the vortice has a lower pressure than
> surrounding air, consequently lower temperature.  With a little
> humidity in the air, a vapour trail is formed in the vortice, which is
> most likely what you witnessed on both flights.

This is the second article in a row that has talked about a "vortice".
Is this really a technical term for a special type of vortex found
in aircraft flow, or do the posters just not realise that the singular
of vortices is "vortex"?


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