Airbus cannot be completely trusted

From: (Brad Gillies)
Organization: Internex Online, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416 363 3783)
Date:         25 Jan 96 00:55:03 
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I am a mechanic who works on Airbus A320 aircraft every day.  I have seen some
pretty scary snags and problems with the aircraft.  There is no competition
between Airbus and Boeing, Boeing is the more superior aircraft as far as
safety goes.  Airbus seems to have alot of trouble with things that boeing got
 right from the beginning.  For instance Seals on the Hydraulic system
Deteriorate long before they should causing leaks and failures.  This can be
a severe problem if it is left to go to the extreme, Which seems to happen
alot in the industry.
  I'm sure you have all heard of the "unplanned excursion" syndrome on the
airbus aircraft.  This was all blamed on pilots and pilot error or
unfamiliarity with the aircraft.  I have personnally witnessed on 2 occasions,
an A320 that would not land.   The aircraft simply went TOGA and overshot, No
  I have also seen an airbus lose all of its ELAC and SEC computers which in
effect leaves the aircraft with only Stab Trim and rudder controls.  Flying
the aircraft like this equates to driving your car on a skating rink with bald
tires.  Its not easy to do without making dents.  Fortunately the pilot was
taught this operation in the simulator and was able to land.

   I have never seen failures of this magnitude on any Boeing airliner and I
have worked on most of them.
  Don't get me wrong, The Ideas Airbus haas are valid but I think the
manufacturer cut corners in order to meet cost factors in the production of
the aircraft.  This can only lead to problems in operation which I woud
surmise has been the case with most operators.


These opinions are mine and mine alone.
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