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Date:         07 Jul 96 14:09:00 
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>Delta Flt 1288, and MD-88 flight from Pensacola to Atlanta had the port
>engine fly apart during takeoff ground roll.

>Photographs in a local newspaper suggest that the engine threw a fan blade.
>The inlet appears to have been sliced at a station plane, with corresponding
>gash on the fuselage ...

Two passengers (out of 142, a full load), a mother and her son, were
killed by the debris.  Five more people were injured, though it's not
clear whether any were injured by debris or all of the injuries were
from the evacuation.  The failure occurred almost immediately after
spoolup and the plane stopped ~1200 feet down the runway.

The press reported that the JT8D is used on a variety of other types
of planes, but my somewhat cynical view of the press was unfulfilled
until early this morning, when CNN noted that the JT8D is the engine
type used on ValuJet's fleet.  (Never mind that, except for a couple
of MD-80s which ValuJet never operated, they are *very* different
versions of the JT8D.)

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