Delta Flt 1288

From: (Chilukuri)
Organization: Univ of California at San Diego
Date:         07 Jul 96 14:09:00 
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Delta Flt 1288, and MD-88 flight from Pensacola to Atlanta had the port
engine fly apart during takeoff ground roll.

Photographs in a local newspaper suggest that the engine threw a fan blade.
The inlet appears to have been sliced at a station plane, with corresponding
gash on the fuselage. The undamaged first stage of the booster is clearly

I believe that the JT8D engine has kevlar blade containment on the fan case,
but not in the inlet. Does anyone know whether the fuselage is locally
beefed up to absorb the energy of a blade impact?

FARs require all components to remain on the engine, even after a blade-out
event. The inlet has clearly been severed and has departed the aircraft
during the Flt 1288 accident.

Krish Chilukuri

PS: What in the world is that large elliptical structure that is laying on
the ground, just ahead of the fire truck?

PPS: Mary Shafer - We've never met, but --- were you at the Joint Propulsion
Conference last week? I thought I saw you walk past me in the parking lot on
the last day.