Re: French 747 mishaps

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Date:         07 Jul 96 14:08:59 
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>Anyone with information about the following 2 mishaps?

A little bit more, but not much.

>F-GDUA UTA w/o 3/16/85 Paris CDG

Destroyed by fire.  (747-3B3 sn 22870 ln 573)

>F-GCBC Air France w/o 12/2/85 Rio de Janeiro

Overran the runway and damamaged beyond economic repair at Rio-Galeao.
I can't find the name of GIG (Rio's main airport) but that doesn't
sound right.  I can't find it in my atlas, either, so I don't know
where it really is.  (747-228B(C) sn 22427 ln 485)

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