Re: B757 "Heavy Jet"?

From:         Adam Dobrzycki <>
Date:         03 Jul 96 01:23:52 
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C. Marin Faure ( wrote:
=> FAA simply moved the 757 into the higher category, which was more accurate
=> as far as its wing characteristics are concerned anyway, thus increasing
=> the spacing between the 757 and a following airplane.  End of wake vortex
=> incidents.

I may be wrong, but I believe that spacing when a "light" is following a
"heavy" has to be bigger than in the case of two "heavies" chasing one
another. Is that correct? If yes, that raises an interesting question:
does this whole thing (upgrade of a 757 to the "heavy" category) mean
that spacing between 757 and other, truly "heavy" aircraft will be now
REDUCED? That seems (at least to me) to be potentially dangerous for the

Could anyone more knowledgeable comment on that?

Thanks - Adam
Adam Dobrzycki               AXAF Science Center    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics