Re: Smoke Trail

From: (PWhiteside)
Organization: MIND LINK! - British Columbia, Canada
Date:         03 Jul 96 01:23:49 
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  or MIME structure (Lars A Ewell) wrote:

>To Whom it May Concern,

>	I recently rode on a United Airlines 737
>(-300 I think) and I noticed something peculiar during
>take-off.  Just prior (approx 3sec) to the front
>wheels leaving the ground, a thin (approx 10cm diameter)
>stream of smoke was emitted from the front of the
>engine (I could only see one engine).

See the thread in this newsgroup "Three questions" relating to condensation
trails coming off wing tips. What you saw was most likely the result of
condensation due to the air pressure being changed as the airflow was
modified by the engine cowling.

If you'd seen something black coming out of the back of the engine, then
you, and the pilot, would have something to be concerned about..