Re: Northwest 747s

From: (Hedley Rainnie)
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Date:         27 Jun 96 12:56:58 
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In article <airliners.1996.1056@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (BBost0325) wrote:
>Ok, ok, so I forgot Qantas.  They've had 747SP's since 1981.  And as far
>as Korean Air flying between Seoul and Seattle, that was just an educated
>guess.  If anyone can prove me wrong on that one, then do it!

FWIW I was on one of Korean Air's 747SP's from SFO to Seoul a couple of
weeks ago. I must say this aircraft seems quite old. According to their
fleet list, they have 2 747SP's. My return flight was a newer aircraft
run by Singapore airlines, a 747-400 megatop. Very fancy and interesting
since with the route map on your personal display you can learn quite a bit
about where you are and how fast/high you are travelling.


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