Re: What happened to STOL ?(was What happened to the BA146)

From: (Steve McDowell)
Organization: Watcom International Corporation
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:56:58 
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In article <airliners.1996.1048@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Alan Browne <> wrote:

>AFAIK, the only aircraft to "sched" out of the Montreal STOL port were
>Twin-Otters (DHC-6).  The run was from the old remote parking lot for the
>1967 World's Fair in Montreal to Ottawa's ( ... ) airport (an old air force
>field near the river, which is now a private field.  (Also has Canada's
>Aeronautical collection in a new modern museum...well worth the visit!)

The airport in Ottawa is at CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Rockcliffe. The
airfield isn't used for military purposes anymore. The aeronautical collection
is located near one end of the runway (off to the side!).

I lived there as a kid. Used to visit the collection when it resided in
nearby WWII hangars that were fire traps just waiting to happen. Glad to see
the gummink finally coughed up for a proper museum.

Steve McDowell