Re: Factors affecting A320 US record.

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>And contrary to popular beleif, Airbus does not build all of its

I find it very difficult to believe that this is a "popular belief"
given the commonly cited U.S.-content in Airbus products (even if you
ignore the engines), and in general the necessity in the business of
subcontracting work to companies in countries whose airlines are going
to be buying your planes.

Perhaps the most astonishing bit of non-Airbus production on an Airbus
plane is the original engine nacelle and pylon on the A300.  Airbus
did not really want to spend the substantial sums needed to design
these components, and approached McDonnell Douglas to see if MD would
sell them those parts from the DC-10.  To the utter astonishment of
just about everyone, MD said yes.  (Actually, they may have been
produced by someone other than MD using MD's design, I'm not entirely

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