Some Turbofan Questions

Organization: Curtin University
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:56:57 
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   Hello all,

   I have some questions about high bypass turbofan engines:

   What proportion of the thrust is generated by the
bypass air and what proportion comes from the exhaust
gas generated in the core of the engine?  I realise this
question may not have a simple answer, as the bypass air
mixes (next question, how much does it mix?) with the exhaust gas,
but give me an estimate anyway.

   Also, are there any turbofans with more than one fan (not
compressor) stages? And while I'm still in question mode,
did early commercial jet engines (Comet, 707 etc) use
any bypass air, or did it all go through the core?


Joshua Boyd
posted to rec.aviation.misc and sci.aeronautics.airliners