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From: (Mark Brader)
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Date:         27 Jun 96 12:56:56 
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> >  Mystery owner of a jet-propelled Chevy Impala. The Arizona Highway
> >  Patrol came upon a pile of smoldering metal embedded in the side of a
> >  cliff rising above the road at the crest of a curve. Wreckage
> >  resembled that at an airplane crash, but it was a car--make and model
> >  unidentifiable at the scene.
> Cute story, but the folks over in alt.folklure.urban will tell you it is
> just an urban legend.

But perhaps the folks over *here* can provide some hard information about
just how much thrust the most powerful JATO units available actually
provide, and for how long.  In other words, can we debunk the story as
impossible as well as merely observing that nobody has ever come up with
a traceable^ instance of it happening?

(^ - Note how the version that was posted contained no details of date
or person and only a state for location.  This sort of thing is typical
of urban legends, though it's also common that they're told as happening
to a specific person who, when located, turns out either not to exist or
to have just been telling the story rather than being the person in it.)
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