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>They may be retired from service now, but many of Delta's oldest 727
>"shuttles" came from their aquisition of Northeast Airlines, competition
>for Eastern's shuttle on the Washington, DC - New York - Boston route
>(plus Portland, ME).

They were all retired long before the Delta Shuttle started.  21 727s
appear to have come to Delta as part of the August 1, 1972 acquisition
of Northeast, 8 727-100 and 13 727-200 (non-Advanced) versions.

The eight -100s consisted of six 727-95 models, built for Northeast,
and two unusually designated 727-22/95 models, built to become United
N7042U and N7043U but not taken up by United and sold to Northeast
instead.  Delta unloaded these planes fairly quickly -- two went to
VARIG early the next year along with a third in 1974, and the other
five left in 1977, three to Tigerair and two to Piedmont.

The -200s did a bit better.  Eleven were 727-295s delivered new to
Northeast, with the other two being 727-291 models which Northeast
picked up from Frontier.  All lasted until 1982-1983, when the two
newest 727-295s went to Pan Am and the other eleven went to Piedmont.

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