Re: delta LA-Hong Kong flight

From: (Sanjiv Kapoor)
Organization: University of Pennsylvania
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:56:55 
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Jennings Heilig ( wrote:
: On 10 Jun 1996, Bong wrote:

: > What happend to delta's la-hong kong flight? Did dl abandoned it because
: > of the range problem with their md-11's? Also, I once read an article in
: > AW&T that Dl will make a stop in taiwan for refuel. Is is the distance of
: > la-taiwan and la-hong kong simmilar?

: 	I was told point blank by a Delta MD-11 captain that the MD-11
: 	is the sole reason DL stopped flying to HKG.  The airplane was
: 	simply making too many unscheduled stops in Tokyo for fuel, and
: 	DL had to stop the bleeding.

: 	The same captain told me that as soon as the front office at
: 	DL gets off the mark and orders 777s, the MD-11s will probably
: 	soon be history, or at least relegated to trans-Atlantic routes.

The question arises: where does Delta use all of their MD-11s now?  They
have taken them off HKG, they removed them from India, and they do not fly
out of JFK.  It's a pity, because they are the only Delta aircraft which
have international level business and first-class cabins -- in-seat
videos, etc.  I quite enjoy flying them whenver I can, but with them out
of HKG and India, the chances are getting fewer...!

Does anyone know what Delta's plans are for updating their international
premium classes on their other LR aircraft (767-300s and L1011s)?