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From: (Jerry Steele)
Organization: Arizona Daily Star - AZSTARNET
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:42:11 
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In article <airliners.1996.1055@ohare.Chicago.COM> Jon Ward <> writes:

>This is not a political comment, but just something I which I found mildly

>Has anybody else noticed that with the rash of Boeing and MD crashes, the
>amount of Airbus bashing has dropped considerably? I will not get drawn
>into an argument about which airframer is superior (I have worked on
>projects for all three and more), but I feel it emphasises how partisan
>people can get about these things.

>Also, the number of recent crashes raises some serious questions in itself.
>It's starting to look slightly statistically significant. Are air saftey
>standards dropping? Is it just bad luck? Have airports suddenly started
>employing black cats to cross in front of aeroplanes to give their rescue
>people a job? I'm interested in hearing other peoples' views.

While I was in an Airbus 340 from Munich to Chicago, just off Newfoundland at
39000 ft we encountered some chop. In my over 25 years of being a passenger
this certainly was far from severe. Nonetheless, the crt monitor at the front
of the business class section where they display flight data, as well as every
seat video display, and the cabin lights flickered violently on and off
several times as the turbulence rocked the aircraft.

If I were to guess, being an electronic engineer, I'd say it seemed as if the
110 volt power bus was getting hiccups (it seems as if these items would all
be powered by that bus or something similar). Either shorts or bad contact
somewhere (either of which could conceivably be a fire risk by the way).
Hopefully everything in the cockpit is powered by the 28 volt system and were

Nonetheless, this was unnerving and left me with a poor impression of the
A340. Especially since on my way over I had an impeccable, and incredibly
enjoyable flight on a 777. Which by the way, had considerably better takeoff
acceleration and climb. Now I realize aircraft performance is usually
optimized for given airports and air traffic control, so such comparisons may
be meaningless. But upon checking the power to weight ratios of the respective
aircraft it seems as if the 777 does have far more power than the A340 (both
were fully loaded by the way).

Any comments on the power glitches observed?