Re: SIA A340s

From:         Rick Hughes <> (Rick Hughes)
Organization: iiNet Technologies (Perth, Western Australia)
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:42:11 
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In Article <airliners.1996.943@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Bong
<> wrote:

>I just finnished reading airbus' press release. In one of their article,
>AI wrote that SIA(singapore airlines) will use its A340's in SIA's
>singapore-paris route. i remember that SIA cancelled its MD-11 orders
>becuase SIA wanted an aircarft to carry a 60000 lbs. in this route, but
>during actual test flight showed that a MD-11 can only carry 40000 lbs.
>Now, A340-300 has a range of 7300 nm, and paris-sing. is roughly 6600 nm.
>I think It would not be possible for the A340 to fly non-stop because of
>the strong headwinds. Can someone tell me if I am wrong?

I would think they will make it quite comfortably.  In Cathay, we
operate our A340-200s  from Hong Kong to Zurich and comfortably make
it, even with the worst of the mid-winter winds against us.

>From what I can determine at home here without charts to compare
actual distances, the route Hong Kong to Zurich is probably about the
same, if not slightly further than the Singapore - Paris leg you refer
to.  This is because we are forced to head down through either
Thailand or Myanmar and therefore fly a much longer track than if we
could just fly the Great Circle route up through China and Russian
Republics etc.

We have just taken delivery (22Jun) of the first of six A340-300E
aircraft (certified @ 275T)  we will be operating and will most
certainly be using them on this route.

Rick Hughes
Western Australia