Re: Engine shutdown on an A340

From:         Daan Vlaskamp <>
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:42:11 
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At 16:32 1-06-96, Rick Hughes wrote:

>>I don't know which airplane you're talking about but I have never seen
>>an airplane that ever inhibits fire warning.
>The A330/340 does inhibit numerous warnings from 80 kts to 1500 FT RA,
>but there are 10 warnings that are never inhibited during take-off:
>There are a further 14 warnings (too numerous to mention here) that
>are inhibited from 80 kts until liftoff, but you will be presented
>with a full warning once airborne.

You're right about the A340, but does anyone know if this also goes for the
B767 ? I don't fly jets, but at our flying school we had an "Introduction to
Glass Cockpit" course, based on the 767. It was mainly about the FMS, but
part of it was about EICAS. We used a 767 manual (from Martinair Holland),
but we didn't get to keep it, so I am unable to check it. I only have the
notes I made during the Computer Based Training (CBT).  On the subject EICAS
I wrote:

"-Cautions are inhibited at 80 kts
 -Warnings are inhibited at rotation
This means there is no aural, nor a master warning/caution light. The
messages do however appear on the EICAS display. At 400' RA OR 20 sec. after
rotation, the system resumes normal operation. It now gives the aurals etc.
that were inhibited during take-off"

To me this seems to apply to ALL aurals. I even think there was a question
in the examination preparation about this, and as far as I can remember the
fire bell does not sound until 400' RA. Anyone who can confirm this ?


Daan Vlaskamp
The Netherlands