Re: B-777 cockpit

From: (C. Marin Faure)
Organization: Northwest Nexus Inc.
Date:         27 Jun 96 12:42:11 
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In article <airliners.1996.1037@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (David T. Medin) wrote:

> There is no MAT display in the EE bay--only a port for the PMAT. And,
> the screen forward of the power levers is not a MAT and is not running
> the same applications, but can be used to access limited BITE
> information, configuration data, etc.

> The production MAT actually uses a trackball, not a touchpad. I
> believe, but am not sure, that the AIMS cursor control is a touchpad.

Some people here at Boeing who e-mailed me to correct my original post
said that we in fact do deliver a PMAT unit installed in the 777 E-bay as
standard equipment.  It is not on during flight; it is simply stored there
and can be plugged into the E-bay port or taken out to one of the other
remote ports.

The first flight test 777s, which are the ones I've flown on, originally
were equipped with touchpads at the MAT station in the cockpit.  This was
changed to a trackball on subsequent airplanes as it was decided that a
trackball would be easier for mechanics to manipulate.  The cursor
controls for the AIMS screens are still touchpads with palm rests on
either side of the throttle quadrant.

C. Marin Faure
   author, Flying a Floatplane